6 Must-Have WordPress Login Plugins [Rated and Reviewed!]

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Let’s face it: nowadays anything online — from buying items to joining a forum to accessing exclusive information — requires users to log in. Plus, users aren’t the only people that have to create accounts; admin users need to log in to access the back end of your website. 

Logging in is an essential part of enjoying all the perks of the Internet, and it’s often the first act users take on your website. However, many websites don’t put much thought into how users log in.

Making the login process easy for users, can help improve their overall experience on your website, which can encourage them to return in the future. 

If you’re looking to improve your login process, we’ve compiled a list of top WordPress login plugins that can help:

  1. Swoop
  2. Colorlib Login Customizer
  3. When Last Login
  4. Frontend Password Reset
  5. Brute Force Login Protection
  6. Temporary Login Without Password

In each section, we’ll dive deeper into what these plugins can do and how they can improve your login experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your website’s admin accounts or make the login experience easier for users, these plugins can help. Let’s get started!

1. Swoop: Password-Free Authentication

WordPress Login Plugin Overview

Swoop’s main objective is to help businesses make their login process as easy as possible. With our helpful plugin, users will be able to login with just two clicks — no password needed!

We all know how frustrating it can be to create and remember a different password for every account we create online. Not to mention, password breaches occur all the time, compromising hundreds of accounts.

At Swoop, our mission is to eliminate the password and reduce security vulnerabilities using our instant buttons. Our plugin allows users to log in with their primary email account. Here’s how it works:


Once a user clicks on the Swoop button, they’ll be directed to a pre-written email with their next steps. All the user has to do is click “send” and Swoop will run their request through 4 layers of security protocols to verify that the login attempt came from the user.

If Swoop suspects any suspicious behavior, they’ll send the user an email to verify that they made the request before logging them in.

Key Login Plugin Features

Our technology makes logging in not only easy but also more secure for users. The Swoop plugin comes with many features including:

  • Compatability with mobile and desktop devices
  • Two-click sign up and login buttons
  • Four layers of security, including authentication with DKIM, SPF, and a proprietary security algorithm
  • Notifications in case of suspicious activity
  • Configurable two-factor authentication technology that monitors sign-in attempts

With Swoop’s plugin, you can rest assured that your user’s login information is protected and eliminate the need for passwords.

Why Your Website Needs This WordPress Login Plugin

Passwords are becoming a thing of the past, and at Swoop, we’re ushering in a new way to login that’s more secure and universal than Google and Facebook login. All the user needs to get started is an email account.

By removing the common frustrations associated with setting up an account, you can encourage even more of your website’s visitors to create accounts and continue engaging on your website. 

Swoop Pricing

Get started for free with Swoop authentication service.

Forget passwords. Swoop in with Magic Authentication.
With our patented Magic Link™ & Magic Message™ technology, your website can improve security & increase customer conversion by removing passwords.

2. Colorlib Login Customizer

WordPress Login Plugin Overview

Colorlib Login Customizer is a WordPress login page plugin that lets you personalize your login form. The creators of Colorlib realize that branding your login form is a great way to instill trust in your users. If your login form looks like the rest of your website’s brand, users will feel more comfortable creating an account.

Their plugin allows you to make customizations via WordPress Customizer, which is a user-friendly interface that both beginners and experts will love. Plus, it only takes seconds to create a stunning form.

Choose from different color options, background images, and many other elements to make your form match the look and feel of your entire website.

Key Login Plugin Features

Colorlib offers a whole host of capabilities that allow you to boost the appearance of your WordPress login page, including the ability to:

  • Add your logo and adjust its dimensions
  • Change the background color or upload your own image
  • Adjust the width and height of the form
  • Create borders and change the button color

When you download the Colorlib WordPress login plugin, you’ll have the freedom to create a login form that is fully customizable.

Why Your Website Needs This WordPress Login Plugin

Without this plugin, your website is left with the classic WordPress login page. Not only is this a page that multiple websites will have, but it also lacks any connection to your brand. That’s where Colorlib comes in!

Having a branded login page will help gain your users’ trust and strengthen your website’s online presence. Additionally, having a cohesive website — all the way down to the login page — adds a professional, polished feel to your website.

Colorlib Login Customizer Pricing

The best part of Colorlib is that it’s completely free to use. All you need to get started is download the plugin file, upload it to your WordPress directory, and then activate it.

Learn more about Colorlib and their WordPress login plugin on the website.

Find out more about Colorlib Login Customizer!

3. When Last Login

WordPress Login Plugin Overview

When Last Login is a WordPress plugin created by YooHoo Plugins. This plugin has a simple purpose: to let you see active users on your website based on the last login time and date. The plugin will add an additional column called “Last Login” to your user list with a timestamp linked to each user.

With this plugin, you’ll have a record of every time a user logs into your website. Insights into your users’ login history can help you see which users are most engaged on your site and which users could use a little more encouragement. 

In addition to the basic plugin, When Last Login comes with several free and premium add-ons that can enhance your features. Some of the add-ons include Welcome Email that lets you send an email to users who log in for the first time and User Statistics which allows you to download users’ login history and generate reports based on a specific date or time.

Key Login Plugin Features

Without adding any of their add-ons, When Last Login comes with the following features:

  • See when a user last logged into your site
  • Filter users based on their last login
  • Integration with other plugins like Paid Membership Pro to track login timestamps for members
  • Track a user’s entire login history and record their IP address

When Last Login also allows you to see top users based on the number of times they’ve logged into your website.

Why Your Website Needs This WordPress Login Plugin

Having an account of when and how often users log into your website can offer valuable insight into which donors are the most engaged. You can use this information to determine what days or times get the most engagement, which can be used to determine when you should publish new content.

Additionally, you’ll be able to reach out to any inactive users to encourage them to visit your site again. 

When Last Login Pricing

When Last Login plugin is free to download. However, if you’d like more features like the ability to generate reports, export data, and other integrations, you’ll have to pay an additional fee ranging from $9.95 to $99.95.

Visit the When Last Login website to learn more about this WordPress login plugin.

4. Frontend Password Reset

WordPress Login Plugin Overview

Frontend Password Reset by Square One Media is a WordPress login plugin that allows your website users to reset their password on the front-end of your site. This way, your users can avoid using the default WordPress reset form.

With this tool, users are able to fill in their username or email address and have a reset password link emailed to them. This WordPress login plugin is ideal for websites that have disabled access to the WordPress dashboard or want to have the reset password form on a custom page.

Key Login Plugin Features

Frontend Password Reset comes with several features including:

  • Three-step setup
  • Password reset forms that match your website theme
  • Ability to customize the font in reset forms
  • Set a minimum character requirement for passwords

While the Frontend Password Reset tool is ready to use the moment you set it up, you’re able to customize various elements to create a form that is unique. Plus, this tool works with the plugin Easy Digital Downloads.

Why Your Website Needs This WordPress Login Plugin

Having to rest a password can be a frustrating experience for users. Having a password reset form that matches your website’s brand makes users feel more comfortable about entering their information.

When you use Frontend Password Reset, you’re not only giving users a simple experience but also peace of mind. They’ll feel confident that their login information is protected when using your custom reset form. 

Frontend Password Reset Pricing

Frontend Password Reset is free to use. Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, include their shortcode on any page you want!

Learn more about the WordPress login plugin, Frontend Password Reset, on their website.

5. Brute Force Login Protection

WordPress Login Plugin Overview

A common way to breach a website is through brute-force attacks, which is a process that involves trying slightly different versions of a username and password over and over again.  The Brute Force Login Protection WordPress plugin helps protect your website from these attacks by blocking the login page for the IP after it reaches the maximum attempts within a specified time frame.

The hacker’s IP address will be blocked to prevent them from continuing their brute force attack. 

Setting up Brute Force Login Protection is simple. All you have to do is install the plugin and activate it through the WordPress admin panel. You’ll also be able to customize your settings to pick how many attempts a user gets before their IP is blocked.

Key Login Plugin Features

This WordPress login plugin comes with the following capabilities:

  • Compatible with WordPress’s normal login
  • Manually unblock/block IP addresses
  • Whitelist trusted IP addresses
  • Let users know how many attempts they have left

In addition to these features, Brute Force Login Protection sends emails to your website’s administration when an IP address has been blocked.

Why Your Website Needs This WordPress Login Plugin

Brute-force attacks are serious threats to any website, and if a hacker gains access to your website via a user’s or admin’s login, they could obtain sensitive information and cause further damage without you even knowing.

Brute Force Login Protection helps prevent brute-force attacks from happening so that you and your users information is protected. 

Brute Force Login Protection Pricing

The Brute Force Login Protection plugin is free to use, but you can make a donation to help their team develop improvements and updates.

Learn more about this WordPress login plugin on their website.

6. Temporary Login Without Password

WordPress Login Plugin Overview

Temporary Login Without Password is a WordPress login plugin created by StoreApps that lets you create temporary accounts. You can set up the account to expire whenever you’d like as well as set the type of permissions the user will have.

The plugin will create a link that the user can use to login to your WordPress website without needing a username or password. Instead of spending the time and effort creating an account for users that only need temporary admin access, you can use Temporary Login Without Password to give them limited access.

Key Login Plugin Features

With Temporary Login Without Password, you’ll be able to:

  • Give temporary admin access to your website
  • Set the expiration date for users
  • Assign different permissions based on the users job
  • Set up accounts in a secure and easy way

The plugin creators also have several resources to help you understand why creating accounts for temporary users can be so risky.

Why Your Website Needs This WordPress Login Plugin

It’s likely that you’ve needed outside help to develop your website or produce content. Temporary Login Without Password is a great tool to give developers, editors, and other users access to your site to perform necessary tasks.

Your website will stay protected because you wont have multiple people with accounts to your website. Plus, you’re able to decide what users can do once they’ve logged on. That way, they’ll have the correct permissions to get the job done.

Temporary Login Without Password Pricing

You can start using Temporary Login Without Password for free. There are no additional costs, and you can create as many temporary logins as you’d like!

Find out more about the the features of this WordPress login plugin on their website.


Improving your login experience, is a huge part of your website’s security. Using these WordPress login plugins, you’re able to brand your login page, make the experience user-friendly, and secure your accounts.

For more information on securing your website check out these additional resources:

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