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End Passwords Today. For Free.

We believe in a world without passwords, so your first factor’s always on us!


Secure login with MFA
$ 0
  • First Factor Authentication - Unlimited
  • 50 MFA Monthly Active Users
  • Upgrade Plan For Additional MFA Monthly Users


Secure login with more MFA
$ 99
  • First Factor Authentication - Unlimited
  • 1000 MFA Monthly Active Users
  • Additional MFA Monthly Active Users - $0.09/ea.


Enterprise secure login with MFA
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  • First Factor Authentication - Unlimited
  • 2.5K + MFA Monthly Active Users
  • Priority Support Response

All Plans Include

Custom Branding
Developer Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Swoop™?

Swoop is a secure, one-time email that gets generated by your end user’s email client. Authentication happens when your end user sends an email with a special Swoop To address in the To: field.

On Mobile, both the email and Swoop To is auto-populated when your user clicks a convenient mailto: link; the only step involved is pressing “send” on the email.

On desktop, your user copies and pastes the Swoop To address that we provide into their compose mail, then presses “send.”S

Which plugins do you support?

Swoop is currently available as a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. We’ve got more on the way in 2021. If you’d like to request a Swoop plugin for your favorite platform, please drop us a line!

Why choose Swoop over Magic Link?

We’ve been in the email-as-authentication space for about a decade, and even though Magic Link has seen a lot of adoption so far, we love the unrivaled convenience of our Magic Message.

Magic Message requires no typing and no waiting around in your end user’s inbox. Our testing consistently shows a 10X improvement in speed from Magic Message over Magic Link.

What’s a Magic Link™?

Magic Link™ is a secure, one-time link that we email to your end user. Your user initiates this flow by typing in their email address. They navigate back to their email inbox, open the Swoop email when it arrives, and click on the Magic Link within to complete the authentication cycle.

What’s 1-Click Connect™?

Once your end user authenticates the first time with either Magic Link or Magic Message, they’ll be able to quickly log into your website for subsequent sessions with 1-Click Connect. The user simply clicks on the email address that’s associated with your website.

This one-click authentication flow relies on cookies. If your website’s cookies get cleared, your user will simply re-authenticate via Magic Message or Magic Link the next time they log in.

Is all of this secure?

Absolutely. In a nutshell: Swoop verifies and authenticates your users by leveraging 0Auth and OpenID Connect protocols, strong public/private key encryption with multiple keys, path-based authentication, data hashing, out-of-band communication and data matching with users’ existing email accounts.