Zero Passwords.
Total Freedom.

Securely authenticate your users with a single click, add MFA, and wrap it up in your brand. Swoop makes going password-free easy for everyone.
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There’s Magic in Their Email

We set your users up for password-free authentication with a quick, email-based Magic Link™ or Magic Message™. There are no apps and no extra accounts to mess with.

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One Click. That’s It.

Validated users can access their cookied account session in a single click. All they need to do is select the email address that’s associated with their account on your website.

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Password-Free MFA

Replace the friction of passwords with lightning-fast MFA for convenience that doesn’t skimp on security. (Bonus: You’ll get happy users who don’t mind complying with it.)

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The Easiest Integrations

You’ll get up-and-running quickly with our array of low-code Swoop implementations—built and tested for the systems you’re already using. (We’ve got all your faves.)
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Try It, You’ll Like It.

What does password-free login feel like for your users?
Try our front-end demo and see for yourself right now.

Click to open our demo!
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Trusted Security for an Insecure World

Swoop supports the strongest industry-standard security protocols right out of the box, including 0Auth and OpenID Connect.
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OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect allows clients of all types to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users.
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Open authorization (OAuth) is a form of token-based authentication that lets organizations share information across third-party services without exposing their users’ credentials
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DKIM, or Domain Key Identified Mail, prevents spoofing in email-based authentication by matching encrypted, embedded digital keys to the DNS registry.
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JWT, or JSON Web Tokens, are an open, industry standard method for exchanging data securely between two parties.
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Smart Architecture

Swoop’s patented architecture prevents man-in-the-middle attacks before they start and halts would-be phishers in their tracks with phishing detection triggers.
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Sender Policy Framework (SPF) tracks the progress of email-based authentication, verifying that emails travel only between authorized servers.

MFA Is a Click Away

Implement our remarkable (and free!) password-free first factor, then toggle on your favorite flavor of MFA, including PIN pad and SMS text. So simple. geomtric border pattern
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A classic 4-digit PIN prompt.
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Login That Looks Like You

Make the branding all yours. Use simple controls to easily customize the experience with your look and feel. arrow icon
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Customized Sign In and Email
You can easily use your branding colors and logo to make the Swoop experience your own. example email sent by the swoop service
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