Swoop offers the complete solution to passwords with passwordless authentication.

Everyone Hates Passwords

They really do and for good reason. They are hard to remember and they make us all vulnerable to hacked accounts, fraud and identity theft.  

We believe the internet would be so much better if we got rid of passwords.  There is no limit to how useful and fun the internet could be without passwords.

Meet Swoop

Swoop replaces passwords with a simple two-tap experience that works from any web browser.   

  1. No apps to download
  2. No special hardware needed  
  3. No customer opt in required

Swoop uses email to deliver digitally encrypted keys to provide a new way to eliminate passwords that is both super secure and super convenient.


How Does It Work?

Swoop is an entirely new login process.  It combines two things: mailto links and anti spam technology.  Mailto links are early internet technology that compose email messages from a web browser.  Anti spam technology is newer internet technology that embeds encrypted digital keys into the header of email messages so they can be distinguished from spam.  Logging in with Swoop works like this:

  1. Mailto link composes a “login email” when the Swoop Button is pressed.   
  2. User sends the login email  
  3. Authentication server receives/authenticates the digital key embedded in the login email, and    
  4. Access is granted.  

See How It Works Section for more detail.  

Experience Swoop For Yourself

Click the button below to see what it is like to use Swoop instead of a password.


One Account To Rule Them All

Providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook offer super-secure services that include robust ant-intrusion technologies and easy to configure 2-factor authentication.  The email account is the perfect account to control login to all other accounts.


Unbreakable Encryption

1024/2048 bit digital keys are unbreakable encryption.  Swoop replaces passwords with unbreakable encryption. This is a major security upgrade for the internet.  

More Convenient

People love convenience.  Your site will be more successful if you make it easy for people to access your premium content, buy your products or participate your in the discussion.  It does not get any easier than two-taps. Think like Amazon.



A recent study by the Pew Institute found that 60% of people will not use social login and that most people do not trust social sites for protecting their data.   Swoop brings all the convenience, but allows people to login from the privacy of their personal email account.

How To Add Swoop

We are working hard everyday to make it easy to add Swoop. An estimated 74 million websites can now add Swoop in a matter of minutes with our WordPress plugin.

If you can’t use our plugin, just drop in our iframe and write a little code that provides us a “login link” on request.  See our developer section for more information.

Join The Movement, End Passwords Today

We have the tool and you have the website, together we can end passwords. Swoop is a brand new technology and we need early adopters.  Join Swoop today and will give you Swoop for life for each domain that you install it on. Yes, Swoop for life no matter how big your domain grows.  

Free developer accounts so you can add Swoop to multiple sites and manage the whole process.

Get up to 30,000 sign ups or logins for $19.99 per year.

Wide range of options for you from hosted to installed solutions.
Email us at
[email protected] or call (505) 720-0159 to learn more.

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