Grow Your Website with Swoop — Passwordless Login

Swoop makes more possible. In two taps, visitors become customers. Passwords stop people from setting up accounts. Swoop changes all of that. Swoop is a 100% replacement for the password.

Swoop is Signing Up (and Logging In) Without A Password

Great customer experience on both mobile and desktop.   If the device can use a mailto link, it can be used to create a new account.  

The Password Barrier Is Stopping Your Site From Growing

With Swoop, more people will use your site more often

No apps to download and no customer opt in.  Swoop combines the forgotten mailto link and new anti-spam technologies to create a passwordless sign up process. Two taps and people can have an account with your website. Eliminate the barrier of username and password so your site can grow.  

With Swoop’s WordPress login plugin, site visitors can easily create new accounts or log in without passwords

Passwordless Authentication Available Instantly on 74 Million Websites Worldwide

WordPress websites can download the Swoop plugin and instantly make your website better.  By making it effortless to set up an account with your site, you will get more people using your site and using it more often.  #ThinkLikeAmazon.

Swoop applications also available for Python, Go and Ruby.  See our developers page for more.

Download the WordPress Plugin here

Swoop Is Advanced Security

It’s about leveraging the old (mailto links) with the new (anti-spam technologies) to make your website go.   

People login or sign up by sending the emails generated by our mailtos and we authenticate them using an array of protocols including DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).  Not only is Swoop a major security upgrade, you no longer need to safeguard your customers’ passwords anymore.

Which looks more secure to you?

Passwordless authentication technology can’t be cracked by the same bots and hackers who’ve been refining tricks to undermine password security for years.
Learn More About Swoop Security

Swoop Is Better Than Signing In With Facebook Or Google

Not everyone will want to sign in with a social media account. For some sites, signing in with social media may not be appropriate at all. Swoop is a new, more universal method of accessing a website.   By letting people use the comfort and privacy of their personal email account, you make it effortless for them to connect with your site.

  1. Easier to integrate
  2. Every online account has an email address
  3. It’s private. You’re not signing in with a social media company #deletefacebook
Swoop is a great captcha alternative that deters bots.

Get rid of CAPTCHA

Stop letting CAPTCHA frustrate people.  Swoop stops bots. Forms can’t be submitted without coming from a valid email address.   Our CAPTCHA product will be released June 2018.


Get up to 50,000 sign ups or logins for $19.99 per year.  

Free developer accounts so you can add Swoop to multiple sites and manage the whole process.

Wide range of options for you from hosted to installed solutions.
Email us at
[email protected] or call (505) 720-0159 to learn more.

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