Swoop In with Email

Swoop is an easy and secure password-free login that relies on your users’ existing email accounts. Just add a Swoop button to your website or app, and forget passwords forever!

Forget Passwords

It’s simple. Passwords secure the Internet, and email accounts control all passwords (think password reset). Swoop is different because we cut out the middleman: Our patented technology uses email instead of passwords.

Brands You Love Trust Email Login

Swoop invented password-free email login. And your favorite brands trust email for their logins, too.

Unleash the Power of Email

Let your users choose their experience when they log in. Getting an email is awesome for desktops; users type in an email address to receive a magic link. Sending an email is perfect for mobile; users tap “send” on the autogenerated email to log in.

The Only Login You Need

Social logins are prone to phishing scams, they’re not universal to all users and they clutter up your website. Simplify your login with what every user already has—their email address.

Add Swoop to Your Website Today!

Getting rid of passwords is free.

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