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Eliminate Passwords to Create a Frictionless Experience

The world’s most powerful
email authentication tool

Watch how massively we can improve your website’s authentication

This is a preview of the new version of 1-Click Login.

Our team has been featured in:

“We rely on 1-Click to provide an easy login experience for our customers and reduce the amount of time our team has to waste managing silly password issues.”

Kane & Alessia Minkus

Stop giving up your power, your data and your brand.

You had me at log in.

Have customers fall in love with logging in.

Hackers don't break in, they log in.

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, 1-Click

Say Goodbye to Passwords
and Hello to Secure Logins.

Secure, Simple and Seamless 1-Click Login

1-Click Log In

1-Click Login is the one and only smart auth solution that lets your users log into multiple websites in just 1-Click. That’s as simple as it gets.

1-Click Across Sites

It’s so easy to implement 1-Click Login across all of your projects. Get security and peace of mind for multiple websites in a few lines of code.

1-Click. No Friction.

Authenticated users don’t need an account or passwords to log into your projects. Delight your users with secure and seamless 1-Click Login.

Over 11,000 users authenticate passwordless with 1-Click Login

“1-Click Login has helped us to not only secure our donor platform but also provide a better user experience. If that weren’t enough, our signups increased 49% after integrating.”

Isaiah B

Trusted Security for an Insecure World.

Swoop’s iron-clad security framework supports the strongest industry-standard security protocols right out of the box. Easy for you, tough for the bad guys.

Open ID Connect

OpenID Connect allows clients of all types to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users.


Open authorization (OAuth) is a form of token-based authentication that lets organizations share information across third-party services without exposing their users’ credentials.


DKIM, or Domain Key Identified Mail, prevents spoofing in email-based authentication by matching encrypted, embedded digital keys to the DNS registry.


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) tracks the progress of email-based authentication, verifying that emails travel only between authorized servers.


JWT, or JSON Web Tokens, are an open, industry standard method for exchanging data securely between two parties.

Smart Architecture

Swoop’s patented architecture prevents man-in-the-middle attacks before they start and halts would-be phishers in their tracks with phishing detection triggers.

“Swoop was extremely easy to set up and adapt to our existing platform. It saves our admins time on password resets and delights our students, given the fact that they have one less password to remember.”

Charles Ashley