Increase Customer Growth 700% by Eliminating Passwords

Our unique technology enables users to create accounts by simply giving their email address.

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Passwords make it hard to sign up. Are they really necessary?

Nobody wants to create or manage another password, but you also need to make sure your login process is secure.

That’s where Swoop comes in! Our technology makes it possible to securely replace usernames and passwords to make the signup process easy.

The result is a 700 to 1000% increase in your user growth rate, which could make all the difference in the success of your SaaS application or e-commerce site!

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All You Need Is An Email Address

Users access an account on your app or website by simply using the Swoop login button. It is a beautiful login experience your users will love. And the best part? Logins occurs in seconds and users won’t have to set up anything.

  • No apps to download
  • No special hardware needed
  • No customer opt in required
Try the demo now

Try multi factor demo now
<script src=""></script>

<script type='javascript'>

<button onClick="'login');">Sign In</button>

Install Swoop In Under an Hour

Just add Swoop.js to your webpages and write a little code that provides us a “login link” on request.

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Compatible with all major email providers and clients

Safe And Protected

Swoop is a major security upgrade from password login. Swoop uses the 1024/2048 bit digital keys that are part of the DKIM standard to authenticate your user. This is state of the art encryption. See how it works for more details.

No More Passwords!

Good UX is about keeping it simple to use. Swoop allows users to create accounts and login with just a few taps of their finger. No annoying passwords to create and no keyboards to fumble around with. Pure bliss for the user means more business for you

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