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This was all started by John Killoran and Matt Custer, the founders of Clover Leaf Solutions Inc., who were using technology to solve environmental management problems. They invented Autopilot which was a workflow management system that automated the task management challenges that were facing the enviromental compliance world in the early 2000s.  Autopilot featured an “I swear to god button” that made it easy to document and digitally record the compilation of a task and a “Get Report” feature that made it incredibly easy for managers to see how their operations were doing and whether all the tasks were up to date. Autopilot technology and patents were sold to Workday in 2023.    


Matt and John felt that the next technology solutions were best tackled in a different business entity than Clover Leaf and formed this company that is now known as Swoop In Technologies LLC.  

Our Manifesto

Passwords suck. That’s more than just a complaint, it’s our mantra; our reason for being.

Passwords are not only the bane of every internet user, they also lead to hundreds of billions in fraud each year as well as hinder the growth of millions of websites and apps.  

Swoop’s 1-Click Login is poised to enhance the way we live online by changing the way we authenticate on the internet.  Our technology is more secure, more useful and more private than any other authentication technology out there. We envision a world where people are able to move about the web as easily as they do the real world.

No more having to store or keep track of passwords.

No more having to give up your personal information just to log in to a website, all in the name of convenience. 

No more news stories about data breaches affecting millions of people.

The internet has opened up the world in ways no one could have imagined. Anything you want to see, learn, hear, do, or buy—the internet can offer a way.

1-Click Login is an enabling technology that creates a better internet by providing secure, simple, smart access to everything online—making it possible to explore and use the internet the way it was meant to be, completely unburdened.