Not Less. Free.

We describe Swoop as “Password-free” instead of password-less. Because you’re not *less* without passwords. You are free. 

You’re free from IT Support Desk calls for password resets. 

Free from that nagging did-I-hash-my-passwords-correctly? feeling. 

You’re guilt-free from no longer needing to trade your end-users’ privacy for their authentication. (Social logins and Google? Guilty as charged.)

Your end-users aren’t less, either. They’re free to come as they are, without being asked to sign up for yet another third-party app.

They’re free to choose Magic Link (classic) or Magic Message authentication for a typing-free (hey, there it is again!) mobile experience. 

And of course, they’ll relish accessing your website or application with freed-up mental space and precious time where passwords used to be.

Here at Swoop, we have spent years—almost a decade!—mapping not only the ins and outs, but the trapdoors and secret passageways, of email authentication. 

When no one else cared about password-free authentication, we obsessed. And during all that time, we have wrangled mountains of code into authentication’s most concise and impenetrable form. We’re so proud, we even patented it. 

Call us the Lewis & Clark of Magic authentication. 

We are Swoop. It’s so nice to finally meet you.


Ease of implementation and maintenance for you. Privacy and convenience for them. 

Security for all. Yay for Swoop.

Swoop is a simple & secure password-free authentication service.
With our patented Magic Link™ & Magic Message™ technology, your website can improve security & increase customer conversion by removing passwords.