Whether you operate a business or nonprofit organization, it’s likely that your staff manages several accounts. From your HR portal to your user (or donor) database, your employees have multiple accounts they need to access on a daily basis.

While these accounts are essential to your work, they can present several challenges. First logging into every account takes away valuable work time. More importantly, when employees have too many accounts to manage, they often fall back on poor password habits, which can drastically decrease the security of your accounts. 

As a result of these concerns, many organizations are turning to single sign-on solutions to make the login process easy and secure. We’ve talked about single sign-on (SSO) authentication in more depth before, but essentially it allows users to sign in once and have access to all their accounts.

With a single password to worry about, your staff can create strong credentials for all their accounts without fearing that they’ll forget it later.

So let’s talk more about the best single sign-on solutions:

  1. Swoop
  2. EmpowerID
  3. Apps Associates
  4. Bitium
  5. AuthAnvil by Kaseya
  6. Imprivata
  7. Avatier

Let’s jump into the first single sign-on solution!

@Pay is a passwordless login option that offers single sign-on features to nonprofits.

1. Swoop

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Swoop offers several easy login products for nonprofits and businesses, including our two-click donate, buy, signup, and login buttons. Any account that uses our security technology allows users to sign in with an email account. 

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Users click the login button, which triggers a mailto link.
  2. Users will be directed to a pre-written email with details on their login request and instructions on their next steps.
  3. When users hit “send,” our system runs the message through three levels of security checks to determine if the request came from the user.
  4. If the requests pass our security checks, users will be able to access their account.

@Pay's single sign-on solution uses three layers of security checks.

The entire process only takes a couple of seconds and only requires two clicks from the user.

Why Swoop Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

Our technology takes the single sign-on approach differently, by eliminating the need for a password entirely. The truth is password authentication is obsolete. Passwords don’t do a great job verifying our identities because anyone with the password is approved. And since passwords can be easily cracked with the help of software, keeping our password secret is harder than ever.

Plus, the same level of security checks is implemented throughout all of our products — whether you’re using the sign in, log in, donate, or buy button.

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Organizations and businesses can start using Swoop’s login technology for free.

@Pay's single sign-on solution allows users to log in with their email account.


Learn more about Swoop's single sign-on solution!

EmpowerID's single sign-on solution can help keep your accounts under one set of credentials.

2. EmpowerID

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

EmpowerID is an identity management solution that offers a single sign-on dashboard. With this dashboard, companies are able to assign employees one account. When a user signs in, they’ll have access to all of the applications no matter what device they’re using. 

With an EmpowerID account, users are able to:

  • Claim accounts
  • Register new accounts with a click-to-authenticate process
  • Update credentials and so much more

EmpowerID’s tools can be used on any platform that uses a variety of authentication methods.

Why EmpowerID Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

EmpowerID offers a password vaulting feature, which provides users with a secure way to login to accounts that don’t support their single sign-on protocol. EmpowerID will store the passwords in their protected system and automatically populate the username and password when you land on the login page.

EmpowerID also offers a host of other identity management products like role management and optimization, password management, and user provisioning to companies in the healthcare, banking and finance, and nonprofit industries. 

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

For more information on EmpowerID pricing request a demo on their website.

Learn more about the EmpowerID single sign-on solution on their website.


Learn more about EmpowerID's single sign-on features!

Apps Associates is a technology company that focuses on providing single sign-on solutions.

3. Apps Associates

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Founded in 2002, Apps Associates is a technology services company that provides cloud, analytics, and integration solutions for businesses currently using Oracle E-Business Suite. The team at Apps Associates works to streamline a business’ processes, and one of the ways they achieve this is through their single sign-on solution.

Apps Associates understands that the burden of account and password management often falls on a business’ IT department, so they have created a solution that allows employees to enter one username and password to access all of their accounts. 

Why Apps Associates Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

Apps Associates ensures that once you’ve implemented their single sign-on solutions, the software will help you:

  • Make accessing applications simple and convenient.
  • Reduce the need for password resets.
  • Increase your account security.

This tech company is also certified in Oracle cloud applications and has a deep understanding of Salesforce and NetSuite, so you can rest assured knowing your custom integrations will work smoothly and securely!

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Visit the Apps Associates website to request a quote on their single sign-on solution pricing.

Apps Associates is a single sign-on solution for companies using Oracle cloud applications.


Discover more about Apps Associates' single sign-on solution!

Bitium supports over a thousand different applications in their single sign-on solution.

4. Bitium

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Bitium is a technology company that helps businesses connect their cloud-based applications so that a business’ tools can all work together to simplify processes. One way they help businesses succeed is through their single sign-on solution that allows businesses to federate employee identity across all cloud- and web-based platforms. 

Once a user logs into Bitium’s dashboard they have access to all the accounts they need no matter what device they’re using.

Why Bitium Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

Bitium has a catalog of over a thousand applications that users can connect through their single sign-on dashboard. With such a wide range of platforms, such as Dropbox, Google Apps, Salesforce, and more, users are able to connect all the accounts they need into one easy login. 

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Small businesses can start using their single sign-on system for $3 per user per month. If businesses want access to Bitium’s other security tools like application and credential management the price ranges from $5-$8 per user per month.

Bitium is a single sign-on solution with password management software.


Find out more about Bitium's single sign-on solution!

AuthAnvil is a single sign-on solution created by Kaseya.

5. AuthAnvil by Kaseya

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Kaseya is an IT management and monitoring company that offers a whole host of tools for small to medium businesses, including their AuthAnvil tool. AuthAnvil comes complete with tools like multi-factor authentication, identity management, and single sign-on solutions.

Kaseya’s AuthAnvil tool works with several applications like Dropbox, Office 365, and ZenDesk. and their list is continually growing.

Why Kaseya Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

When a business uses AuthAnvil, users will have access to a secure launchpad dashboard that allows them to access applications by clicking on their dashboard. For sites that don’t support Kaseya’s single sign-on standards, companies can use their FastPass tool that can record login activity and create automated workflows.

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Companies with up to 500 employees can purchase their AuthAnvil Enterprise package starting at $250 per month or try their single sign-on solution for free by signing up for their 14-day trial.

Keep your staff accounts organised and secure with AuthAnvil's single sign-on solution.


Check out AuthAnvil and their single sign-on solution!

Hospitals and healthcare professionals can use Imprivata as their single sign-on solution.

6. Imprivata

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Imprivata offers IT solutions for hospitals and other healthcare-related organizations. One of their most popular solutions is their single sign-on tool that allows healthcare providers to easily access their accounts without signing in multiple times.

Their single sign-on solution supports terminal, client-server, and cloud-based applications. Plus, users can start connecting their accounts using a simple drag and drop feature, making quick and easy for all users to implement. 

Why Imprivata Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

Any applications not supported by the Imprivata OneSign tool can use their password automation tool that populates a user’s credentials when they land on an applications’ login page.

By using their OneSign tool, Imprivata estimates that care providers can save up to 45 minutes every shift, allowing them to access patient information faster and improving satisfaction levels. 

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Visit the Imprivata website to request a demo and learn more about their pricing packages.

Imprivata is a single sign-on solution made just for hospitals and healthcare professionals.


Check out Imprivata's single sign-on solution!

Avatier is an identity management company that offers a single sign-on solution and password management tools.

7. Avatier

Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Avatier is an identity management company that offers a single sign-on solution and other password management tools for businesses of all sizes. Their single-sign feature includes tools like:

  • Instant directory single sign-on authentication.
  • Integrated identity management.
  • Auto launch single sign-on applications.
  • Password synchronization.

The goal at Avatier is to reduce your employees’ login time and help companies manage all your accounts.

Why Avatier Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

Avatier made our list of top single sign-on solutions because they create custom solutions for their clients. When you work with Avatier, they’ll assess your company’s infrastructure and create a system that makes the most sense for your needs. 

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Pricing varies depending on your company’s specific needs, so request a quote on their website to learn more.

Avatier's single sign-on solution also comes with a whole host of password management features.


Check out Avatier's single sign-on solution!

Companies of all shapes and sizes can use ILANTUS as their single sign-on solution.


Single Sign-On Solution Overview

With the goal to help businesses reduce operation costs, ILANTUS offers identity, governance, and access domain services to companies of all shape and sizes. One of their core products is their single sign-on solution.

Their product doesn’t require any password to access apps. Instead, all a user has to do is click on the application the ILANTUS dashboard. Onboarding a new app only takes four clicks. 

Why ILANTUS Made Our List of Top Single Sign-On Solutions

ILANTUS is a great single sign-on tool because their platform can be used on any device and any password changes to your linked accounts will automatically sync with their system. Not to mention, they have flexible pricing and support packages that can work for companies of any size.

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing

Companies have the option to pay a one-time fee for a perpetual license or opt for a usage-based or annual subscription. You can find out more about exact pricing by requesting a quote on their website.

ILANTUS is a single sign-on solution dedicated to saving companies time.


Check out ILANTUS' single sign-on solution!

Now that we’ve taken you through our top single sign-on recommendations, you’re ready to streamline your login process and save valuable time. Not only will your employees be able to have access to all of their accounts at once, but you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing their accounts are secure.

For more information about password security, check out @Pay’s additional resources:

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