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Magic Link™

The best Magic Link in the business. Swoop emails a Magic Link that provides highly secure password-free authentication for your end users.

Magic Message™

Similar to the Magic Link but with no typing and fewer steps! Your users just open a mailto link and press “send” on the unique Magic Message waiting for them.

1-Click Connect

Want to authenticate even faster? Swoop provides simple and seamless 1-click connection after the first authentication. Just one click, and return users are in.


Swoop verifies and authenticates every request by leveraging 0Auth 2.0 framework, DKIM and SPF with your users’ existing email accounts.


Set it up once, and never reset a password again. Anyone can write custom integrations with Swoop or add a Swoop plugin, regardless of their technical skill set.


Your developer dashboard is a powerful command center that lets you create, configure and monitor each of the properties that you integrate with Swoop.

Customers Love Us

“Swoop has helped us to not only secure our donor platform but also provide a better user experience. If that weren’t enough, our signups increased 49% after integrating.”

Isaiah Baca
Senior Dev, Snowball Fundraising

Swoop WordPress Plugin

  WordPress Plugin

Never again do your admins or users need to remember a password for your WordPress site. Implement a password-free strategy to your WordPress environment in a couple of clicks. No coding required.

We Have Answers to Your Questions

(As long as they relate to Password-Free Authentication, that is.) We’re all ears, and we want to hear from you! You can ask us questions through our Contact Form or through our Help Center.

What happens if someone hacks into my email account?

Bad things, with our without Swoop.
We recommend you start with a secure email account.   This is easy with modern email. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and many others offer secure email accounts that provide robust anti-intrusion technologies and easy to set up 2-factor authentication.  These make email accounts rock solid.

What’s the difference between Magic Message and Magic Link?

Magic Link and Magic Message are the two methods we use for authentication. Magic Link is a secure link that Swoop emails to the end user; they click the link to complete the authentication cycle. Magic Message is a secure email that gets generated by the end user’s email client when they click a Swoop mailto link; authentication happens when the end user sends the email.

I still don’t understand all of these acronyms. Isn’t SPF for Sun Protection?

Sender Policy Framework is an authentication protocol that provides an additional level of rigor to the authentication process. SPF provides a path-based verification process, ensuring that the email message was securely transmitted from authorized server to authorized server. While this SPF protects your email, you’ll still need sunblock while accessing websites from your beach towel. 😎

Why are you called Swoop?

Swoop is not only a slightly playful name taken from the flight style of birds of prey, it also speaks to speed and simplicity. (Just Swoop in to your accounts, do what you need, and Swoop on.)