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Technology Overview

Password- Free Authentication with 1-Click Login

A Web 3.0 Technology that eliminates the use of password-based authentication and offers a decentralized public key technology that is easy to set up and provides 1-Click access for the end user.  If you are interested in licensing, please contact John Killoran at [email protected].  

Video Demonstration

Take a look at what it’s like to use 1-Click Login. 

How It Works

This video explains how the technology eliminates the need for application-side login credentials and passwords.

Customer Experience

This video explains how 1-Click Login technology is the easiest solution for customers to use.

Who We Are

The story of how two environmental consultants created a solution to end passwords on the internet.

International Patent Portfolio

Here is a spreadsheet of our current awards with key details of the coverage.  Each award is categorized and has links to the published patent.