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Acquisition Opportunity

A patented technology that eliminates the need for login credentials and passwords on websites and internet applications.


KMcDonald & Co is pleased to present this technology for your review.  We are the exclusive M&A Advisor for the acquisition of this technology.  If you would like more information, please contact Kevin McDonald at +1 617-527-4291.

Below you will find documents and videos that explain the technology in depth and a breakdown of the patent portfolio.  

Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

This document covers the key aspects of this transaction and the market position of this technology relative to others.

How Our Technology Works

The video below shows how our technology eliminates the need for login credentials. The goal of the technology is to close the major attack vector used by hackers for cyber intrusions and eliminate the hassle of passwords for internet users. This 3 minute video will give you a solid understanding of how the technology works and how it could potentially upgrade every website and internet application.

Who We Are

This is the story of how this technology came to be and provides background on the people who created it. 

International Patent Portfolio

We have been obtaining patent protection for each evolution of this technology over the past 12 years and now have over 60 patents and patents pending in our portfolio.  We have coverage in the US, EU, India, Hong Kong and China for the most important aspects of the technology.  

Below is a video roundtable discussion with our attorneys from Volpe Koenig in Philadelphia.  This is a great starting point for understanding the breadth of the portfolio.   It is also a good introduction for your attorneys to quickly get up to speed with the various aspects of the portfolio. 

Here is a spreadsheet of our current awards with key details of the coverage.  Each award is categorized as either authentication or payment and whether it covers usage with SMS, email, QR Codes or image recognition.  It also has links to the published patents.   

Customer Experience

This video explains how 1-Click Login technology is the easiest solution for customers to use. Sending an email is much easier to do than creating and remembering a password. Also, our technology is the only solution that does not require the customer to configure anything on their device. 

1-Click Demo

Follow along with this demo as we use 1-Click to login.

Technology Presentation

Here is a slide deck that provides key detail on the technology and its value. 


Kevin McDonald, Managing Director K. McDonald & Co. LLC [email protected]

+1 617-527-4291