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White Paper: Description of 1-Click Login’s Security Protocol

Mr.James Kassemi provides a detailed analysis of the security protocols used by 1-Click.  Mr. Kassemi is an accomplished engineer with 25 years of experience securing internet applications.   He also happens to be one of the early inventors of the use of DKIM and SPF to secure email server to email server communications.  In 2012 to 2014, he and John Killoran pioneered the use of these technologies to replace passwords.  Mr. Kassemi is a shareholder in 1-Click Login and has served on the advisory board from 2015 until 2019. 

White Paper Goes here.

Roundtable Discussion of Security Protocols

Discussion with the engineering team past and present that worked on the development of 1-Click Login.  Covers the basics as well as advanced aspects of the protocol. 

Third Party Evaluations

Sandia National Laboratories 

We collaborated with Sandia to find ways to improve the protocol focusing on DNS security as well as evaluating ways to overcome DKIM and SPF.  We worked with Mr Chris _______ who works in the  ….    No vulnerabilities were identified.  


Los Alamos National Laboratories 

We collaborated with Los Alamos to find ways to break our security protocols.  We worked with Mr ________.  He has a PhD in _______ and works in the _________.  No vulnerabilities were detected.  


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