John Killoran and Matt Custer have been eliminating passwords for nearly a decade. It all started with an environmental startup they founded called Clover Leaf. They developed an application called Autopilot that was the first information management system to completely eliminate the password. Autopilot made it simple for thousands of people to enter data securely without a password. Clover Leaf has grown into a 100+ person company providing technical services to high security government facilities and large Fortune 500 companies throughout the US.



In 2011, John and Matt realized that passwords were preventing nonprofits from raising more money. So they launched a second company called Snowball. By removing the password, donors effortlessly set up accounts and store credit cards, which leads to greater engagement and more repeat donations. Today over 7,000 nonprofits use Snowball to raise more money than ever before.



In 2017, Swoop was born. With the widespread adoption of WebSocket technology, we realized we could use the technology developed by Snowball to create a login solution that was more convenient and secure than the password. We’ve always been convinced that passwords are the bane of every Internet user and with Swoop we’d found a way to eliminate them.




Swoop officially debuted at Disrupt SF (September 2018) and the Gartner Symposium (October 2018) and the response from the industry has been great. Over 100 companies have signed up for Swoop and more are signing up everyday.

John Killoran
Matt Custer